HOME+ Solutions



HOME+ sets out to do one thing – to provide technologies specific to property and facility management industries, and to ultimately assist partners to deliver high quality and cost effective solutions to residents and home owners.


Condo management is a multi-disciplinary functions, from security to environment maintenance, from carpark management to visitor access control, from MCST fee compilation to collection, and above all effective communication and interaction with stake holders.

HOME+ provide solution modules for all the above, in an integrated platform.


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technologies offers significant advantages over traditional access card system. It is a lot more secured, impossible to duplicate, and at the same time convenient and contact-less.

The only disadvantage used to be the cost, but not any more. HOME+ has established her dedicated deep learning engineering and OEM production lines, HOME+ is able to bring down the cost substantially. 

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (“LPR”)offers notable advantages over traditional IU-base condo car park solutions. It is less expensive, and yet offer more flexibility in vehicle managements. For example, HOME+ developed a comprehensive visitor management system in which visitor’s vehicle will be immediately recognized at the scheduled time. HOME+ has an in-house deep learning engineers who can fine tune the LPR model, and this gives us a significant advantages over system integrator who supplies off-the-shelf LPR products.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is the first line in the defense to detect an intruder. HOME+ equips CCTVs with video analytic capabilities, and able to detect intruders effectively. One major advantage of HOME+ perimeter protection is its simple design, and easy integration with the backend management platform.

Abnormality Detection

HOME+ has video analytic modules to detect abnormality within a residential estate, from vehicle obstuction to fire outbreak, to highrise littering and illegal smoking.

Digital Payment

HOME+ aspires to address one of the most common challenges faced by condo managers – not able to identify the identity of a payment. With Dynamic QR code incorporated in our payment solution, operators shall save a substantial amount of time and efforts in lost payments. Our bookkeeping and reporting module tailored made for condo management industry facilitate seamless integration for accounting purposes.