The Next Generation Condo Management Solutions


Value Propositions

Lower Cost, Higher Productivity

HOME+ is tasked to enhance the productivity in the condo management, and at the same time significantly reduce the operating cost.

Peace of Minds

HOME+ comes with 24×7 comprehensive software and hardware support, we are just a phone call away shall you encounter any difficulties.

Advanced Technologies

HOME+ integrates with advanced technology to streamline condo management from access system and visitor management to digital payment and security alerts. 

Multipurpose Platform

HOME+ is a holistic solution  that comes with useful tools. It is expandable and customizable to suit your specific requirements.

Saving on Manpower

HOME+ brings cutting edge technology to your day to day condo management. With digital record keeping and automation, HOME+ allows the reduction on on-site manpower.

Data Ownership, PDPA Compliance

HOME+ takes personal data and privacy seriously. Essentially all sensitive data is stored on-premise server in the condo and owned by the MCST.

User Interface

Administrative Portal

The main control panel for HOME+. It is designed to allow management to have full control over the condo management.

It also provides real time records and alerts, along with many operational tools.

Mobile APP

The effective tool for residents to interact with management.

It digitalizes condo operations from visitor invitation and mobile payments to door access and management feedbacks.


The powerful tool for guards to register visitors and keep track of visitor log on their fingertips.

It also enables security alerts and incident reports so that guards can resolve any issues promptly.



For Security Officers

Ease of Use with a unified platform.

Reliability in system designs and support.

Accountability in visitor management.


For Condo Management

Streamlined Workflow with tailored solutions.

Data Analytics for better operational planning.

Peace of Mind with reputable service providers.


For Condo Residents

Convenience with digital services.

Enhanced Security with technologies.

Lower Cost by efficiency improvement.

Corporate Video



Director, Technology

Jian Peng

Director, Strategy


Project Director


Team Lead, Marketing


Team Lead, Frontend Applications


Team Lead, Solution Architecture


Selected Sites



Ng Kok Seng

The security segment is facing severe labour crunch and our company is actively looking for technologies that can assist our limited staffs maximize their productivity. HOME+ team is strong in technology and able to integrate with our control room effectively. This enables us to offer good values to our customers and for that, I thank HOME+.

Jessica, Condo Manager

We have used different vendors over the years for solutions like facility management, book keeping and residents notice board. The issue is that all the information is framented and we ended up having too many system to operation on. Transition of knowledge is especially difficult because it takes a long time for the new staff to get used to so many systems. HOME+ has solved this problem as a multi-purpose platform. I also like the fact that HOME+ are able to do customization work we requested, which is not usually possible with other software vendors.

Sharon, Condo Resident

Before HOME+, I think the only technology our condo has is a website which we can log in to book function room slots. HOME+ is a much more holistic platform which allows me to invite my friends (and they don’t have to spend 5 minutes doing paper work at the gate!).

I also love the facial recognition technology a lot! I don’t remember how many times I forgot my access card in the past and couldn’t come in from the side gate (which is near the bus stop). Kudo to HOME+, I strongly recommend it.

Jonathon, Asset Owner

HOME+ enables us to manage one of our industrial building efficiently. After years in business, I realized that at times communication with technical company is challenging because it can be difficult to explain the business logics behind the solutions we are after. Pleasantly surprised by the HOME+ team for their attention to details and making sure that the solutions provided is exactly what we needed for the business problem.

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