Frequently Asked Questions


What is HOME+?
HOME+ is condo management solutions brought to you by Coloso Pte Ltd. The HOME+ APP is an online platform for residents, which allows residents to perform various condo related tasks on the go, including FACE ID registration, visitor invitation, car plate updates, remote gate control, MCST payments, facility booking, management feedbacks, e-document downloads and more. We create a community for neighbours to interact with management and among each other, and also add value by providing handy information such as home service contractors, reputable tutors and enrichment instructors and more.

Merchants also offer promotional deals through our platform. We are committed to our homeowners as they go beyond the new milestone in home ownership. To support all home owners in transiting seamlessly to a new lifestyle in their new homes, HOME+ was formed to manage this aspect.

HOME+ hopes to foster a community spirit among all developments that uses HOME+.

Who is eligible for HOME+ membership?

HOME+ membership is open to all, but premium services are exclusive to properties that have an agreement with HOME+. If you are not listed as the co-owner or is the tenant of the unit, please update the Managing Agency to provide supporting evidence.

After verification, we will create your unique user ID and password for login purposes.

Is there a membership fee to join HOME+?

HOME+ app is free for download on Apple Store and Google Play. There will be costs involved if you would like to participate in activities or purchase products offered by our merchants.

What does HOME+ membership offer?

HOME+ members, whose accounts have been verified, will enjoy these benefits:

1) Invitation to exclusive members’ events.

2) Enjoy special vendors/merchants’ rates for programmes and deals .

3) Facility booking at your finger tips.

4) Complimentary trial classes.

5) HOME+ credits to be given out during special events.

All membership benefits are non-transferrable and are subject to changes at HOME+’s discretion.

Will I receive my membership card upon successful registration?

No, there is no membership card issued for HOME+ membership. Members will enjoy a convenient cardless experience whereby they can utilize their benefits using the downloaded app on their smart phones.

How is HOME+ different from other property management apps?

HOME+ is focused on strengthening the community by providing location based information and the company work hand-in-hand with reliable merchants to bring valuable services to your door step. In comparison to other mobile apps which provide generic services for all their users, HOME+ provides a dedicated service line and ensure that all partners and merchants we bring on board the system have underwent stringent filtering and picked among the best to bring true value to home owners.

Functions of HOME+?
HOME+ has multiple functional modules, including

• Vehicle Management Module
• Visitor Management Module
• Video Analytics Module
• Biometric Access Module
• Digital Payment Module
• Facility Booking Module
• Communication Module

Admin and Registration

How do I register?

The default ID and password will be uniquely generated by HOME+ and duly provided through your mailbox when HOME+ is set up in your property. In case you did not receive or HOME+ do not have your updated particulars, please write in to with proof (IC and Option to Purchase / Tenancy Agreement) that you are the owner of the property for verification purposes.

For enquires on HOME+, you may contact us at

Forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password” at the log-in page.

How do I update my personal particulars?

i. You may update your personal particulars via the mobile app > My Account > Update Profile

ii. Email us

Facility Booking

What is facility booking?

Facility booking is where you could make a booking of the facilities within your residence.

What happens after I have made a booking?

There will be notification to inform whether the booking is successful. Some bookings may require an approval and/or deposit. House rules differs from each residence, please refer to your handbook for more details.


Is payment in HOME+ safe?

All payment on HOME+ is transacted through secured Payment Gateway.

PayNow: HOME+ has a partnership with local banks to provide PayNow gateway. The Transaction engines are all of bank grade security and the company has been working very well in line with the payment team from the local banks to provide secured and safe transactions over the mobile platform.

Credit Card: HOME+ uses reputable payment gateway provider Stripe. The Transaction engines are of the highest security and the company has been working very well in line with the payment team from Stripe to provide secured and safe transactions over the mobile platform.

Do I get a receipt?

You will receive an email along with the attached receipt of your purchase.

What are my payment options?

Credit and debit card, and Paynow are currently available on HOME+. We are integrating more payment methods in the near future. 

Is cash payment possible?
No, all payments are cashless.